Your words are seeds!

The words of your mouth are seeds. They can be seeds that produce the fruits of righteousness or they can produce fruit that brings forth death and destruction. Do the seeds of your mouth bring in a harvest of the kingdom’s purpose for your life or will they bring about something that will pull you in a direction that the Lord doesn’t desire you to be traveling on?

Watch this clip from Apostle Barbara’s message. Understand the importance of stewarding the words of your mouth and the thoughts of your heart. When we intentionally steward the thoughts or our hearts and the words from our mouth properly we will see the desired fruit of the Kingdom manifest in our lives. Be diligent to guard your lips and speak forth God’s word and intentions over your life. Ask the Lord to show you ways where you can change the seeds that come forth from your lips. Follow the gracious and loving nudges of Holy Spirit when He says don’t say that. Ask the Lord to show you truths in His word that He wants you to be speaking over yourself in this time of growth in your life. And as you pray and obey, watch the fruit of righteousness spring forth in your life in a new way.