Time To Pray!


The Elections are over.  Thank God!  Now, you and I have the opportunity to be HISTORY MAKERS!!! I don’t know about you, but I want my life to have an impact on eternity!!  I want to be used by God to radically effect change in the earth realm – in a manner that will bring honor and glory to His Name!!!  This is the goal of my life – to have my name written in God’s Book of Remembrance – to be known in heaven and on earth as a friend of God and a co-partner with Him in His eternal purposes!!!

My desire for you also – is that YOU would be a History Maker — in fact I want you to arise and ‘step all the way in’ to your priestly and prophetic destiny – and help me – and untold numbers of other believers – as we shape history before the throne of God!  Isn’t it time?  Of course it is! As we observe the shifts in our nation and around the world, isn’t it time we stepped into our role as History Makers?

Of course, the means by which you and I can accomplish this is actually quite simple.  It’s spelled I-n-t-e-r-c-e-s-s-i-o-n.  Take your finger and poke yourself in the chest and say, “Prayer changes things!”

John Wesley – the founder of the Methodist expression of faith – once said, “The world is my parish.”  Meaning, all the world is the territory over which I have apostolic and prophetic authority and a vision to win – a vision to see redeemed, baptized and serving the One True and Living God!!!  Nothing less than a global vision could have contained the divine call on John Wesley’s life or the magnitude of the spiritual fire in his bones.

In order for you and I to have a global vision – a vision that shapes nations, we need to have a great – big – heart – full of the love of God for the world.  We’ve got to want to see lost folk found – sick folk healed – demonically oppressed folk set free, regardless of political party, race, religion, socio-economic status, etc. That’s right!  How big is your heart for this nation?  How big is your heart for your generation???  Can you open your heart to receive God’s passion and power – in order that His purposes and plans might be fulfilled in the earth?  How much of the fire of His Presence can you take for yourself – for your neighbor – for ministry…?  How big is your heart???

When the priests of the Old Testament performed their priestly functions and duties, they represented not just themselves alone – but all their people!  In fact, the garments worn by the high priest included an ephod and a breastplate, both of which had mounted on them – precious living stones representing the twelve tribes of Israel (Ex. 28.9-29).  Whenever the high priest entered the presence of the Lord – he carried over his heart and on his shoulders – precious stones as reminders that he was coming before God for the entire nation – AND ALL ITS LEADERSHIP!!!


Here’s what I believe the Lord is showing us as we enter this new season…

  • Intercession for EVERY BELIEVER is a priestly and a prophetic function
  • The priestly includes repentance and confession – even identificational confession and repentance…
  • It involves seeking cleansing for sins, healing for self and others, deliverance for self and others…
  • The prophetic part of intercession involves declarations, proclamations, and calling into manifestation that which God decrees!


So…here are some significant ‘living stones’ that we can carry over our hearts and bring before The Lord as His priestly/prophetic people in the earth!  Pray for…


  1. The Kingdom of God to come and the Will of God to be done in the earth as it is in Heaven!
  • Declare that the greatest evangelistic sweep that’s ever happened in this country is happening now, and more people will be brought into the kingdom of God than ever before
  • Declare that lost and hurting people all over the nation and world will hear and respond to the call of the Lord when He says, “Come to Me. I will give you rest, peace and life.”
  • Declare that the United States will reverse Roe Versus Wade
  • Declare a reversal of UNGODLY things that have been legislated in the USA
  • Declare a complete change (for righteousness) in the Church, Washington, D.C. and America
  • Prophesy an awakening to God in this nation and that our rebirth is now underway.


  1. A smooth transition for our current President and his family, his administration and government leaders
  2. Our President Elect and his family, his administration and newly elected/appointed government leaders

For the next two months, President Elect Trump will be building infrastructure and choosing people for positions that surround him, including a small team on the inside, 19 Cabinet members, 4,000 appointees, Supreme Court justice candidates and more.  Pray that Mr. Trump…

  • Will surround himself with the right advisors and counselors
    • Will have the right strategy, tactics and people to implement those strategies
    • Will have favor in D.C. and will be able to make needed reforms
    • Will be strengthened spirit, soul and body
    • Will have the wisdom of God for all circumstances
    • Will have physical, mental and spiritual strength
    • Will have the insights and concepts he needs for political business and his personal life.
    • Will have the insight of where he needs to be in his own prayer life and in his commitment to God
    • That his family would be drawn to God and held close to Him. God will send people on assignment from Him to speak into their political and personal lives!


  1. A Reformation Revolution clothed in Righteousness for this Nation (According to Scripture, “Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a disgrace to any people” –Prov. 14:34, NASB. The selection of leaders who understand and lead according to God’s righteous standards can bring great blessing to a nation.)


Make a pledge today that, DAILY you will cloth yourself in a priestly and prophetic mantle, bow your knees before God and lift your voice, bombarding the Chambers and High Court of Heaven with requests that will shift the earth and birth REVIVAL in our land!  Even so, COME LORD JESUS!

God loves you and so do I,

Pastor Bernie