Teacher Highlight!

Meet Diana!

We have an AMAZING CHILDREN’S MINISTRY TEAM! Each month, one of our teachers is highlighted in our Newsletter. We thought it would be a great idea to also make this a feature on our web page.

Teachers’ Corner Diana Matteucci speaks out…

Q: Please share a bit about yourself?
A: I love gardening, hiking, watching birds and kayaking. Born in New Jersey, raised in Detroit, in my teen years we lived in Dearborn; I’ve lived downriver, in NC where most of my family is and now live near Horseshoe Lake. The youngest girl of 5 kids, each 2 years apart, I’ll be 59 this month. Enjoying an “empty nest” and marital bliss with my amazing husband, Jamie. Blessed with two adult step-sons. I’m an intercessor and a teacher. A morning person – often up in the 3rd watch, I have an acute sense of smell – able to distinguish flowers on a breeze.

Q: What are you passionate about? What inspires you to do what you do?
A: I am passionate about many things: exploration, learning, listening to music, reading the Word of God, dancing, flagging … talking on the phone and helping people work thru issues. I really love to make bread and soup. I love to eat berries, fresh fruit and home-grown tomatoes. My heart breaks when I think about how my generation has failed to be good stewards of God’s beautiful creation and how awful people are to each other. My inspiration is to be more like Jesus. To learn, love and live a life that honors God. I am being inspired by Holy Spirit to obey and be less so Jesus can be more.
My focus is on what I call the 5F’s: Faith, Family, Fitness, Food and Fun.
Q: What’s new and exciting for you with/about kids’ ministry?
A: I am excited to help with the Little Lambs and so grateful for the incredible support of Amy and others as I learn to care for and teach toddlers. The “new and exciting” is as I am figuring out how to teach a concept to a toddler, I am forced to really simplify and get creative. Developing the lesson on “Hearing God” was an amazing growth experience for me that opened my ears. I had fun with the belt of truth lesson teaching about the Armor of God. Apply what I learn to my own life.

Q: Do you have anything special you would like to share with our readers? A: I write this newsletter and I welcome your help.