Strategy and Supply for Kingdom Harvest

One of our members at Shekinah sent us a word that we felt was very appropriate for the year ahead. The Lord had actually given it to them back in April of 2004, and the Lord told them to pull it back out as it was relevant to now. As we move into this new year, hear the word of the Lord and be encouraged to see His Kingdom manifest in your life in a new way to bring forth kingdom power and life all around you!

We believe we are in a time where the Lord is in the process of releasing Kingdom ideas and strategies that will bring about the transfer of wealth to fund the ingathering of the end-time harvest. We also recently put out an online video series on “Breaking the Stronghold of Poverty” (Part I & II) If you have not been able to watch this yet, please do at the links below. A lot of Kingdom strategy for breaking poverty was released by numerous voices. Read the word of the Lord below and watch the online seminar and then ask the Lord to release to you His strategy for this new year and put into action what the Lord shows you.


“God wants to release thoughts and ideas from heaven. Creative ideas, visions and dreams that will at their fruition, place people in position to receive the end-time transfer of wealth that will fund the preaching of the Gospel to all the ends of the earth: helping the poor and oppressed, setting captives free, planting churches, and changing society. That God’s Kingdom would come and His will be done ON EARTH as it is in Heaven.

This is not a time to retreat and allow the forces of the enemy to take over our land. For IN YOU, I repeat, IN YOU God has placed all the power necessary to overcome all the power of the enemy that is trying to possess this land. God wants to place in your hands the tools to take back this nation and the nations of the world for Christ.




To change and take nations!

Receive from the Lord this day the thoughts, ideas, and opportunities from heaven. Resident in the seeds of thoughts and ideas is the power to bring them to pass. Couple this with the power residing in you in Christ, and how can you not overcome every obstacle, how can you not receive the inheritance and take over the land? Don’t allow laziness, lukewarmness, or pride to lull you into passivity.

For this is the day to rise up, shake off passivity and allow God to put you into position to take neighborhoods, cities, states, and nations for Christ. Cast off restraints of thinking. Break through the barriers of small thinking. No idea or vision is too big for God.

All things are possible to those who believe in the ideas that God gives them, who are determined to persevere through the process of seeing that vision come to pass. You will be able to change the face of this nation and all the nations of the world. This is the end-time harvest!

Nothing will be impossible to those who believe in the ideas God gives to them!”