Stewarding the Prophetic

A few weeks ago, Apostle Benjamin shared a message highlighting the key prophetic words from the RESET conference. Three key words were chosen from Apostle Barbara Yoder, Bishop Bill Hamon to the church and Apostle Louis Dickens.

This message was well received by many who wanted to hear it again after they had heard it live, as well as many who were not in service that day wanted to hear it as it was key for the Body after such an important gathering. Unfortunately that message was lost in all forms of recording.

Apostle Benjamin has been trying to find a time to record it again and communicate what he felt was important for the Body at Shekinah. He was able to do an important recap and we have included that link below. Please listen to this word and key in to what he is communicating for the Body of Shekinah concerning key prophetic words that came forth at the conference.

Here is the link to Listen in: