SEPT ’21 / Sing His Name! Yeshua!

Do you know what your name means? If you have never discovered what your name means… take a second, Google your name and look up it’s meaning. There is such power in understanding the meaning and origins of a name.

The song in the video link below sings and declares the Lord’s name, “Yeshua”.

Now ask yourself:

  1. What does Yeshua mean?
  1. What are the names origins?
  1. Is it found in scripture?

The answer is YES! It is found in scripture! It is actually from the Hebrew language and in it’s simplistic definition means “Savior, Rescuer, Deliverer”

There are several definitions of Yeshua that can be found in Hebrew and Aramaic biblical text, taken from the Hebrew verb, yasha, it means “to deliver, save, or rescue,” 

Yeshua is not a name that we normally use in our worship sets. We usually refer to Him by Jesus. Knowing that the root of Yeshua means “to save, deliver,” and seeing that “Yeshua” is represented in the Bible, even if it is not by name, how can this name feel as personal to us as “Jesus?”

First, it is the understanding that “Yeshua” is a more personal name of Jesus because it originated in the lifetime that Jesus was alive on earth. The use of “Yeshua” in Hebrew text connects more to when Jesus emerged in the presence of those around Him, as well as Hebrew being mentioned, earlier, as the holy language.

As we corporately call out the name Yeshua, we are setting the atmosphere for the manifestation of salvation, healing, the rescuing of His children and deliverance. 

As we sing these lyrics, I believe that we will experience an encounter with Yeshua in a new way that’s so powerful, beautiful and full of Glory. Spend time this month just playing this song over and over. Add it to your personal worship set! Sing His name and declare Salvation has come. Declare in your home, workplace and in your private devotions. Let the power and the understanding of His name embolden you and strengthen you as you worship.


My beloved is the most beautiful

Among thousands and thousands

My beloved is the most beautiful

Among thousands and thousands

My beloved is the most beautiful

Among thousands and thousands


Yeshu hu oo oo ah, ha aa aa aa, ah aa aa aa

Yeshu hu oo oo ah, ha aa aa aa, ah aa aa aa


For yours is the kingdom

Yours is the power

Yours in the glory forever Amen