Sending Superheroes to School

I had a strange dream last night. I won’t go into detail but it prompted some specific prayer for healing, restoration and renewal for my family. Earlier today, I was pondering what I would post this week. I knew I wanted to include heading back to school. I was considering the increased necessity of covering the children and praying for parents to have wisdom and boldness as we enter this new school year with all the craziness going on in this world. As I was pondering and praying, it was as if the two matters merged into one and as I prayed for my family for healing, restoration and renewal, I began to pray for all families for the same thing. I felt strongly and could see that as God heals, restores and renews families, their bond and unity in Christ will grow and strengthen and become a source of strength for them. The picture I’m seeing is a family standing together, each holding a shield up and on guard so that they form a unit in which all sides are covered – no one is exposed.

It’s true, we, as parents, guard and protect our children as much as we can. But God also meant for them to be part of the strength of our family and the body of Christ. He didn’t send them to this world to be completely defenseless, He ordained praise from their lips as Jesus said in Matthew 21:16 and from that praise He establishes a stronghold against the enemy (Psalm 8:2). Children are also like arrows in the hands of a warrior. (Psalm 127:4) So, yes, we want to protect our children, but we also want to equip them with faith and identity, knowing who their God is and who they are in Him.

Remember The Incredibles movie? I’m reminded of the scene where the whole Incredibles family finds each other on the island, and with all them using their powers together for the first time, they face their enemy. What a great scene! But if you remember, their enemy captured them all when he used his specialized weapon to isolate each one and separate them. Wow. That speaks, doesn’t it. But they still overcame because each member knew how to use their powers and they worked together as a family.

Picture your family like the Incredibles, or come up with your own family superhero name. Consider how you can let your children know how important they are in your family and in the Kingdom of God as we face our enemy together. What are some ways you can equip them with the truth before sending them out to school where they very well may be taught things contrary to the truth of God’s word? Do they know they have an enemy? Do they know that he is a defeated foe so we can face him together and win?

Here are some thoughts of what you can do as you raise your Superhero family:

Encourage them! Remind them of whose they are and who they are in your family and in the family of God.

Teach them that truth is the strongest thing they can stand on and to communicate with you when they come across things that don’t seem to be truth.

Pray with them. Worship together. Let them know that your family is stronger because of their faith in God and obedience to His ways.

Memorize scripture together.

If your children are older and you’re not sure if they still listen. They are. Speak life to them. Reassure them of your relentless love, even when they make mistakes. Confront when necessary with honor and respect, building them up, while also keeping boundaries firm. Pray for them. Believe.

Seek God for your own healing and restoration. Grow in your relationship with God, letting your intimacy and communion with Him grow deeper. Strengthen and encourage yourself in the Word daily. Get rid of pride. As you walk in continued wholeness, you are closing the gaps where the enemy can try to get in.

Be encouraged! God desires to HEAL, RESTORE and RENEW families! Catch His vision for your family and share it with your children.

Blessings to you all! Praying for you as you begin this new school year.