Send Judah First

Judges 1:1-2 “Now after the death of Joshua it came to pass that the children of Israel asked the Lord, saying, “Who shall be first to go up for us against the Canaanites to fight against them?” 2 And the Lord said, “Judah shall go up. Indeed, I have delivered the land into his hand.”

This is a season where it is vital that we understand the importance and influence of the anointing of Judah. Judah goes first. The sound of the Lord is captured in a powerful way in this anointing and it is a conquering force.

As I have been praying into this and what it means for us, I was reminded of the past season last year, where the book of Ruth powerfully spoke to us. I saw a key concerning the Judah anointing for us in the story of Ruth that I wanted to highlight. In verse 19 of chapter 1, as Naomi and Ruth entered into the city, Naomi began to make her declaration to call her “Mara” instead of Naomi out of the pain and bitterness of her grief. The Lord spoke to me when I read that and said, “There is war at the gates. There are enemies sitting there that desire to exploit the grief of people’s hearts. These enemies are waiting to take words spoken in bitterness and use them as chains that will bind people to the pain of the past and the turmoil of the present and establish them in it.” I began to ask the Lord what the solution was and he said, “Judah will lead them out and establish them in my order! Watch your words! Send Judah first!”.

This is a season where confusion, rage and bitterness want to speak. They are sitting at the gates of our nation, cities and regions and speaking to all who pass by. There is a mounting pressure that the enemy of our souls wants to exploit. The Devil is seeking to cause explosions of hate. BUT GOD! God is saying to us in this season to send JUDAH FIRST. Judah represents praise, worship and a breakthrough anointing. It is the conquering anointing that will lead us out of anger and confusion in this time. Where confusion and anger try to invade your mind and thoughts, causing mounting pressure and irritation, SEND JUDAH FIRST! Release praise from your lips that will thwart the enemy and send him running. There is always hope even in the midst of challenge, loss and difficulty. Boaz was from the tribe of Judah and Ruth and Boaz ultimately brought forth a son which caused Naomi to come fully back to life! Medically and naturally what was impossible came forth as Judah came into that family line and roared hope over them! From that same line came forth Jesus Christ, THE LION of the tribe of JUDAH!

God wants to establish us in his order in this season and cause us to conquer, invade and capture every bit of territory that we have lost in the past season. You are not going to think or talk your way through this season. There is too much noise from the enemy. You will praise your way through this season. As you do, you will loose the Judah anointing and silence the enemy. Even as you read this, declare that the enemy will not pin you down with chains of the old season. This is the season of full restoration and recovery! Part of the blessings of Deuteronomy 28 for the people of God was that when an enemy attacked one way, the Lord would cause them to flee 7 ways. Declare even as you read this that the enemies who are attacking you in this season will flee and that God will establish you in HIS new order. Where confusion and anger want to set order, God is saying, “I will set MY ORDER!” There is a shout of victory right there on your lips! Release it! Praise! Worship! You are a Judah people! Send Judah first and set the order for this next season!