I just love how The Lord communicates with His Bride, you and I. Through dreams, visions, Facebook (yes…Facebook, believe it or not) bill boards, The Newspaper, etc. Holy Spirit is UNLIMITED in His ability to speak to our hearts. Well, frequently I hear Him in my sleep. Maybe it’s because I’ve finally shut-up and He can ‘get a Word in edgewise.’ And then there are times where the conversation starts while I’m dreaming and continues throughout the day. If you and I would just pause, pay attention, take time to LISTEN – there are WONDERFUL things we would discover that our Bride Groom King wants to show us.

So, the other day, I hear this word, repeating itself over and over in my spirit. It was just stuck there, looping again and again, begging for attention. I tried to brush it off. Ignore it. But no! It wouldn’t stop, only grew louder. What was the word? I’m glad your curiosity is peaked (smile). The word was RESET! Yes, RESET!
Have you ever started something and got distracted along the way? Maybe you quickly jumped into 2017 with all kinds of ideas and plans:

• You were going to lose weight this year…again!
• You want to start a business.
• You plan to pray more.
• Might as well add to the list ‘read your Bible’ – more!
• Grow closer to the Lord.
• Find your Shabbat – that place of Sabbath rest and intimacy with Him.
• Pursue a dream you put on the shelf.
• Just fill in the blank…

We really had good intentions but somehow, we’ve drifted off course. We’re stuck in the mud. In a ditch. Tired. Oooooh…let’s say that one again! Tired! Here’s what Holy Spirit said to me because, God knows, I can check several things off the list above. So, God said, R-E-S-E-T!

Here’s the definition:
1. To set again
2. To become set again (I personally like this one )
3. A plant which is replanted
4. That which is reset

Some synonyms are:
• Rearrange, reorganize, retune, change, right, arrange differently
• Emigrate, graft, move, readapt, reorient, resettle, revamp
• Shift!
• Do over, readjust, replace, REPOSITION!

Wow! Each one of these terms will preach! It’s all so prophetic! Listen, Beloved – it doesn’t matter how much of a mess your year may already be – YOU CAN, WE CAN get into the place of prayer and PUSH the RESET button! Pressing RESET updates your systems!! That’s right! It’s called t’shuvah in the Hebrew – repent, in the English! I can hear Holy Spirit laugh and see the big smile on Abba and Jesus’ face because GOD knew we were thinking something else when, all this time, our BREAKTHROUGH is connected to old fashioned repentance! Turn back to God! TURN BACK TO GOD! Change! Shift your mind so that it aligns with His! And if you’re not sure what His mind is like, well, try reading His BOOK! Ha!

Just R-E-S-E-T and the rest is simple!

God Loves YOU and so do I…

Pastor Bernie