Power in the Blood

This morning Kevin Bergeson sent us a word that I believe is very applicable to yesterdays message from Apostle Barbara on the power in the blood of Jesus.

While in pray today. I heard the Lord say:

Look upon My blood. It will keep you pure and focused in this season.

Be aware of distractions in this season. What the enemy cannot destroy, he will distract. He’s the master distracter. Like reading the word of God. He couldn’t destroy it, but he will try to distract you from feeding on it and its power.

You must eat of the word of God to keep your focus and strength as you are on the edge of breakthrough!”

I hear the Lord giving a warning to us to “Keep your eyes focused on Jesus and the Blood!”

This will keep your focus on the Breaker of all distractions!

Distractions will try to come in so many ways. They will try to come in very fast and in many ways all at once. Our ability to breakthrough these attacks, will be based on what we look upon! We need to get rid of any distractions. We need to get a fresh focus on His blood and fix our mind and gaze properly to have the breakthrough He desires for us.

Declare over your life fresh focus. Begin to dive into the word meditating on scriptures that have to do with the Blood.

Declare over your life a fresh baptism and understanding of the resurrection power that was given at Calvary through the shed blood of Jesus for your life.

Please watch the link below from this Sunday’s service where Apostle Barbara shares on the power in the blood.