Only You… Jesus!

We become like whatever we worship.

What we “behold” – gaze upon, set our hearts upon, become preoccupied with – that is what we become.  We absorb, like osmosis, the components inherent therein.

Consider this:

The gods or God we worship write their names on our faces; be sure of that.
And a man will worship something … that which dominates will determine his life
and character. Therefore, it behooves us to be careful what we worship,
for what we are worshipping we are becoming.



The Word of God, in Proverbs 23.7 KJV, says “For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he…”.  The word here for ‘think’ is the Hebrew term: Sha’ar: it means to split or open, to act as gatekeeper.  Essentially, it means that whatever we open ourselves up to, embracing as truth, that is what we become.  Perhaps that is why this is a RESET year!  A season in which God is urging us (with the Help of HOLY SPIRIT) to push the RESET button in our lives, our minds – indeed, our PRAISE AND WORSHIP!

Humor me for a moment as we review the definition of RESET:

  1. To set again
  2. To become set again (I personally like this one J)
  3. A plant which is replanted
  4. That which is reset

Some synonyms are:

  • Rearrange, reorganize, retune, change, right, arrange differently
  • Emigrate, graft, move, readapt, reorient, resettle, revamp
  • Shift!
  • Do over, readjust, replace, REPOSITION! 

Now let’s apply it to praise and worship.  When we praise God, yadah:  hold out our hands to Him, revere or worship Him with extended hands à it causes our hearts to RESET!  Did you get that?  Praise and Worship causes a planting in the soil of our soul – a planting of His Presence in a fresh new way! It reorganizes things that have started to drift away from His purposes and plans for our lives.  Things SHIFT in us and around us!  Hallelujah!  We position ourselves for a ‘do-over’ in areas of our lives where there has been a ‘falling away’ from His purposes and plans.  It’s no wonder The Word of God tells us that JUDAH GOES FIRST!

I don’t know about you, but I’m going to diligently pursue that sacred secret place, climb up into the holiness of its atmospheric conditions, extend my hands, open the gates to my heart, and bid My Savior to enter FULLY in!  In this season, I’m taking with me a song…this song that causes something deep within me to “Behold His Glory.”  It’s by Brian Johnson and it’s called, “Only Jesus.”  I offer it to you as a precious gift that I pray will usher YOU in…too!

You’re my constant; in the chaos
You’re my compass; when the road is long
You’re my portion; never failing
For me, only Jesus

Let my heart want for nothing but You, just You
Let my heart want for nothing but You, just You
The riches of this world could never satisfy
Let my heart want for only You

For me, for me; only Jesus
For me, for me; only Jesus

God loves YOU, and so do I!

Pastor Bernardine Wormley Daniels