Light the Dark!

As you may know, Halloween falls on a Sunday this year. One thing that is important to understand about Halloween is that its origins are dark and there are practices that take place on that day even beyond trick or treating that focus on and even “celebrate” the power of darkness.

It is my heart and conviction to teach children and train them up in truth to be ones who will walk in the power of the Light of Christ.

That being said, on Sunday, October 31st, we will be teaching and centering our activities on the truth that Jesus is the Light and has overcome the darkness and, as His children, we are clothed in His Light to carry it into the darkness.

Although we will be preparing the room and activities to center around being the LIGHT, this will not be considered a Halloween alternative activity in which children will be receiving lots of candy. We will be using this opportunity and are excited to be reinforcing what they’ve been learning about the Armor of God on this day as well.

The Little Lambs/Nursery class, will begin learning about Jesus as the Light of the World this Sunday, Oct. 10th through Sunday, Oct. 31st.

It is a joy and delight to have the opportunity to teach and equip children with the Truth of God’s Word that empowers them to overcome darkness and be His Light in this world!

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