Introducing the W.E. Team

Shekinah has been working on a new ministry team that is called the W.E. Team; which stands for “Worship Encounter” team. The W.E. team will serve to bring about excellence during our services to host the presence of the Lord and to also proactively share what God is doing at Shekinah. Just last week alone we touched 8 different nations through streaming.

Areas included in the W.E. team are that of Worship (band & vocals), Audio/Sound, Media (camera, livestream, lyrics), Creative Arts (flags, dance, visual arts), social media/web and ushers/security/catchers. We believe that all these areas working together will be enable us to work more effectively for the Kingdom.

Right now we are looking for more people to join the W.E. team! If you are interested in any of the areas listed, please click the link below.