Reaching the Children

Did you know Billy Graham gave his heart to Jesus as a child during a Sunday School Class?  Did you also know that even our own Apostle Benjamin gave his life to Christ during a vacation Bible school he attended?

How about you?  When did you give your heart to Christ?  Statistics show that most people who choose to follow Christ as a child will follow Him as adults as well.   That means when we reach children for Christ, we’ve reached them for life.  The world knows this and is strategically working to reach the minds of children at a very young age.

That means, what we do in our ministry to children, both to reach them and help them to grow in their faith and relationship with Jesus will make a lifelong impact in their lives.

I want to invite you to consider if your part of being ready for the harvest might be in helping to reach and disciple children.   Even if you don’t feel your calling is to children but you know God is still preparing you for your calling, perhaps serving the children is good training ground.  There’s lots to learn while serving and who better to serve than those Jesus encouraged us to become like.

There are several ways to get involved with the children’s ministry right now and many ways that we haven’t even begun to step our feet into but are working toward.  Check out the list below of ways you can serve now and stay tuned for more ways to serve in the near future.   Follow the link below if you’re interested in joining the team.   All our team members must be members of Shekinah and have completed background checks so once you’ve filled out the children’s application form, you’ll receive an email from Chekr to initiate that background check.

Opportunities Today

Teachers and Assistants for ages 8wks to 2 yrs

Teachers and Assistants for ages 3-5 yrs

Teachers and Assistants for 6-10 yrs

Teachers and Assistants for 11-13 yrs.

Registration – Greeting families, helping with arrival and dismissal, helping with check in


Follow the link below to fill out an application form.