Changing Your Thoughts, Changing Your Life

Picture your life as a house.  Multi-levels. Upstairs, the main floor, a basement.  Or perhaps a ranch style that sprawls out in several different directions, sectioned off based on function.  Maybe your house has large walk-in closets, a huge kitchen with top of the line appliances, every bedroom with its own private bath.  And then there’s the family room or den which doubles as a small movie theatre, big comfy chairs and a ‘state of the art’ sound system that includes strategically placed screens for viewing multiple programs at the same time.  Nice!  My house, of course, would have a massive library and writing room designed for maximum comfort and creativity.  If you listen with your imagination, you can actually hear the soft music flowing into the rooms serving as a catalyst that inspires genius.  Ah, the luxury of it all!  But, with all its beauty, these houses/lives of ours if we are honest, we would have to admit that we all have areas of our lives (secret rooms in our houses) that could stand to undergo some serious renovation.  You know, those places, rooms, cells in our soul that we don’t want ‘visitors’ to see.  The hidden rooms where we keep our junk.  We would like to believe these places, issues, things, attitudes, etc. are ‘hidden’ – and yet, if anyone stands close enough to ‘that space’ – close enough to us, they can smell it!   They can smell it, hear it crying out, feel it, see it, sense it, experience it.  It’s just us that thinks ‘we’ve got it under control’ – that thing, that attitude — we think if we keep that door shut, no one will have to know!  We deceive ourselves.

I think it’s time to do some renovating, some house-cleaning, some soul-searching – and any room we find that doesn’t pass the ‘white-glove’ test – well, get the broom and mop, some cleansers and towels and start getting rid of the junk!  Call in some help!  DETOX!  RESET! Enlist the clean-up crew of Father, Son and Holy Spirit!  They do EXCELLENT work!  Yes, our houses look good from the outside (our yards are impeccable) and inside they appear REALLY NICE but there’s those hidden rooms.  And THE CLEAN-UP CREW really can help us!  I called them in (that’s prayer) to help me fix some places in ‘my house.’  They’ve been working with me, intensively every day for the last three weeks.  They found stuff I forgot was stashed in my soul and they’ve shown me how the hidden stuff connects to the rest of my house – the intricate root structures that grow like weeds and can (if left unattended) overtake ‘real life,’ ABUNDANT LIFE in Christ!    Yes, I’ve been doing a 21-Day Detox of my Soul/Mind – which then affects my physical brain, which then affects my whole body!  Restoration of wholeness:  Spirit, Soul and Body!  Hallelujah!  How???  I’m glad you asked…

First, I decided I needed a change – or I should say, I listened to Holy Spirit prompting, urging me to make a change and I simply said, “yes Lord!”  Second, I realized that everything we do and say – every aspect of our lives is birthed in a ‘thought.’  Thoughts!  Our thinking process, which feeds our words and actions, can be a catalyst for health or stagnation, for life or death. The good news is, The Word of God in Romans 12 and verse 2 tells us that we can actually BE TRANSFORMED into a new person by changing the way we think!!  Yes, it’s that simple but it requires a deliberate, disciplined, intentional effort to take control of, take CAPTIVE every thought and bring it into obedience to Christ —  to change the way we think until our minds reflect the ‘mind of Christ’ and radically align with His Word!  Start with one negative thought, one toxic thought that you want to change, one attitude that doesn’t express the Love of Christ – and commit to working each day to breaking it down, until not even the residue can be found in your soul!  At the same time, let Holy Spirit give you a healthy replacement thought that you nurture and build up until it OVERLFOWS throughout your life…your house…your soul!

Let me recommend resources that I believe will help: 

  • A Bible! This is the healing manual of The Clean-up Crew: Father, Son and Holy Spirit
  • Switch On Your Brain by Dr. Caroline Leaf (this book features the 21 Day Brain Detox Plan)
  • A Journal! Write/pray/talk to God regularly on paper! Record your journey!
  • Time! Take focused intentional time – for YOU!!!

Beloved, this is YOUR year to RESET! To change your THOUGHTS!  Change your LIFE!  RESET YOUR SOUL!!!


God loves YOU and so do I…

Pastor Bernardine Wormley Daniels