21 Days of Prayer – Focus and Scriptures

Days 1-7 of 21 days of Prayer Awakening of spirit Cleansing of our souls Fresh infilling Cleansing/Repentance: Repentance means to “Change your mind”. (Greek = metanoeó means= to change one’s mind or purpose.) We start … Read More

Edify! Buildup! Encourage!

Our hearts desire in the prophetic ministry at Shekinah is to love on the body and help you grow in your walk with the Father. We have prophetic ministry teams that would love to minister … Read More

A Time to Travail in Prayer

Travail is often used in the Bible to refer to the toil and pain a woman experiences in giving birth (e.g., Genesis 38:27; Psalm 48:6; Jeremiah 22:23; John 16:21; 1 Thessalonians 5:3). Some translations use words such as toil, labor, anguish, or labor pains rather than travail. … Read More

Power in the Blood

This morning Kevin Bergeson sent us a word that I believe is very applicable to yesterdays message from Apostle Barbara on the power in the blood of Jesus. While in pray today. I heard the … Read More

Come through the open door!

The Lord has opened a door in the heavens for us to access new revelation for breakthrough in this season we have entered into. The Lord called the Apostle John to come up to see … Read More

He Reigns Over It All!

Daniel 2:31 We are in a Daniel season in the earth. Many kingdoms and nations are in the midst of a shaking by the hand of the Lord. In this place of shaking there is … Read More

Building the NEW!

We are in a supernatural time where the Lord is sovereignly redirecting the issues of our hearts. Holy Spirit is brooding over His Bride and wooing her, redirecting the focus and issues of her heart. … Read More

Deep is Calling!

Ps. 42:7 / “Deep calls to deep in the roar of your waterfalls; all your waves and breakers have swept over me”The Lord has brought us through a season of emptying ourselves so that we … Read More

Your words are seeds!

The words of your mouth are seeds. They can be seeds that produce the fruits of righteousness or they can produce fruit that brings forth death and destruction. Do the seeds of your mouth bring … Read More