Middle school and youth can now check in on Sunday mornings through the Church Center app. The check in station is at the Welcome Center. Please remember to check in! This helps us keep track … Read More

Teacher Highlight!

Meet Diana! We have an AMAZING CHILDREN’S MINISTRY TEAM! Each month, one of our teachers is highlighted in our Newsletter. We thought it would be a great idea to also make this a feature on … Read More

Sending Superheroes to School

I had a strange dream last night. I won’t go into detail but it prompted some specific prayer for healing, restoration and renewal for my family. Earlier today, I was pondering what I would post … Read More

Kicking the Fear out of Parenting

Hi Parents! As I have been busy serving the children and making sure our Sunday Kids Church classes are running as smoothly as possible, I have often thought about you and the amazing job you’re … Read More

Flesh or Spirit?

Zoe faces her bully without her armor.  It’s disastrous.  But she learns some deep and shocking truth about herself and God’s love for others.  This chapter will challenge anyone of any age.

Reaching the Children

Did you know Billy Graham gave his heart to Jesus as a child during a Sunday School Class?  Did you also know that even our own Apostle Benjamin gave his life to Christ during a … Read More