August ’21 / Differences

This past Sunday when our team was walking into the sanctuary to rehearse, I noticed that everyone had on different styles of shoes. And I had these thoughts come to me yesterday while reflecting on the amazing people that make up Shekinah Worship.

Our team is made up of very different people from various walks of life: we have mom’s & dad’s, business owners, college students, engineers, sales reps, teachers, administrators etc… We have very different personalities and senses of humor. We range in musical taste and ability. Some are quiet, some are chatty. Some serious, others silly. We are each very different individuals.

When contrasting individuals come together to make music, they complement each other and something beautiful is created. There is a synergy, an increased effectiveness, that cannot happen any other way. Each musician and vocalist adds his or her own unique flavor to the mix, changing the overall sound of worship.

You wouldn’t want everyone to wear the same shoes, would you?

The next time our team assembles to lead you in worship, take a moment to notice, maybe even acknowledge your differences. Embrace them, and realize that our differences are beautiful. It is our differences that make things interesting.

I’m loving the group of people God has blessed me with.

– AC Cordell, Worship Director

Did you know? We are looking to grow our team! We are seeking experienced musicians and/or vocalists, so if you’re interested, please call the church (734.662.6040) or email:

Worship Song: “Miracle in the Works” by: Bryan and Katie Torwalt