Our Mission

Shekinah is here to equip believers to transform their world through a radical encounter with Christ. Our mandate is to facilitate an atmosphere of love, power and grace that allows for a transformative experience with the Glory of Jesus. We believe that as this happens, we become a "Disciple of Revival”, fully ready to experience and share the reality of Christ in everyday life.


Shekinah isn't a place as much as a People - a movement of people who've been transformed by the Radical Love of Christ.


We believe that Christ is alive today, present and willing to encounter and transform our world with his radical love and Grace.


Join us as we gather together to meet Jesus every Sunday with an expectation for a Life Changing Encounter!

Our Leaders


Founder & Apostle
Barbara J. Yoder

Barbara J. Yoder is the lead apostle and founding pastor of Shekinah.

Visionary Apostle & Leader Benjamin Deitrick

Visionary Apostle and Leader Benjamin Deitrick

Benjamin Deitrick is the Visionary Leader of Shekinah.


Lead Pastor Tarrah

Tarrah Deitrick serves along her husband as the Co-Pastor of Shekinah. She also serves as the Children’s pastor of Shekinah.


Teaching Apostle Bernardine

Bernardine Daniels is the teaching Apostle of Shekinah and the administrator for the Immersion School of Minsitry.


Lead Prophet
Steve Hansen

Steve Hansen is the lead prophet of Shekinah overseeing all prophetic, prayer and worship ministries.

Visionary Apostle & Leader Benjamin Deitrick

Tonya Hansen

Tonya Hansen serves as the outreach coordinator for Shekinah Church.


Adam McKenley

Adam McKenley serves as the Media and Branding Developer for Shekinah Church as well as in pastoral and prophetic ministry.

We are Disciples of Jesus
Living a Lifestyle of Revival

Our Beliefs

We are an ever-evolving, breakthrough people, who are going from faith to faith, strength to strength and glory to glory.