A Sound Like Many Waters

Imagine a sound that causes your stomach to rumble and your feet to vibrate. A sound that causes your spirit to want to cry, laugh and shout all at the same time. A sound like a freight train in strength, but sweet and gentle like a river in a forest glen. That was sound I heard just a few weeks ago in the prayers of the Korean people.

I feel that God is reawakening a fresh desire and passion in us all to pray. This is connected with the anointing of Judah that we have been talking about. The sound of prayer I heard and felt from the Korean people was a victorious sound. It wasn’t a petitioning sound, but rather a declarative sound; one that broke through. This is what we need to press into.

I met yesterday with a young man named Darrian Summerville. He is a Pastor and a Prophet and actually is from our area in Michigan, Ypsilanti. He and I were sharing our hearts together on what we felt God was doing and speaking in this time. He used a phrase that so resonated with me that I want to share with you. He said, “We have got to get back to contending prayer. The type that isn’t from our minds and soul, but from our spirit man.” I so agree with him and want to lay out a few keys for us to come higher in prayer in this next season.

I will reference the example of the Koreans. When they prayed, they were in such unity. When any one of them was praying on the mic, after every phrase, the entire room would shout, “amen!” (It was one of the only words I understood when they prayed!) Imagine what would happen if we stopped analyzing everything so much. What if we all decided that we were going to put our “yes and amen” to the prayers that come forth in the corporate setting from our brothers and sisters? I tell you, it would unlock another dimension for us.

We often overlook the power of unity and agreement, but it is paramount in scripture especially in regards to prayer. Matthew 18:19 talk about the power of agreement. The word that is used to describe agreement in that passage is the root word we get symphony from! Pretty amazing when you think of it in terms of results to our prayers!

Here is the word: sumphóneó: to call out with, to be in harmony, generally to agree.

When we agree, are in unity and harmony together, nothing is impossible! That speaks of a heart condition just as much as a mental agreement with what is being said.

The Power of Declaration
Imagine yourself standing in front of a locked door. You can see the keyhole, the hinges, the handle and everything about the door. You have the KEY to the door in your HAND. Instead of turning the key, unlocking and opening the door, you ask for it to be opened. No one responds. You become discouraged because no one is answering. You start to pound on the door and yell at the top of your lungs for someone to open it. Still nothing happens. You get so discouraged that you quit and walk away. All the time you had the key in your hand, you simply didn’t USE it.

Many times this is how I see our prayer times and meetings. Jesus said we have the keys of the kingdom. Whatever we bind on earth would be bound in heaven. Whatever we loose on earth, would be loosed in heaven. (Matthew 16:19)

When we petition, we are asking someone to open the door. When we declare, we are turning the key. There is much more declaring and decreeing something in scripture than there is petitioning. I’m not saying there is not a time for it, but the way we apply it is more often than not ineffective. Even in the prayer the Lord Jesus taught to his disciples, he emphasized the power of declaration. In the Lord’s prayer (Matthew 6:9-13) we often read, “…your kingdom come, your will be done…” as a petition and apply it as such. In the original text, Jesus said those words not as a petition, but as a command. He issued forth those words as an emphatic decree!

When we declare and decree in faith, things happen. Sickness is healed, debt is cancelled, families are restored and much more. Use the keys God has given you in an active way. Don’t sit back in passivity or contemplation wondering if something is the “will of God” when the Lord himself has already told you in His Word it is.

God is calling us HIGHER and DEEPER in the place of prayer. He is highlighting to us the power of unity and the force of declaration.

Join me in this passionate pursuit of God in the place of prayer. As we do, I believe we will see God move in a powerful way.

Together Triumphant,

—Pastor Benjamin