The Higher Place is calling!

On August 24, 2021 | Kevin Bergeson While I was sleeping I heard the Lord send an invitation, “To come up to My upper room.  I’m calling my bride to a place of worship as … Read More

Lifegroup Spotlight: Women’s Group

Women’s Ministry is dedicated to embracing every woman’s uniqueness and God given call. The 3 main values we seek to uphold through the women’s ministry are: 1) TO KNOW GOD’S HEART We seek to discover this by … Read More

Ministry Spotlight- Media Production

Media Production: In the technological day and age we live in, Shekinah strives to produce God honoring content through our Media. We had the amazing ability this year to invest into an update throughout our … Read More

Kicking the Fear out of Parenting

Hi Parents! As I have been busy serving the children and making sure our Sunday Kids Church classes are running as smoothly as possible, I have often thought about you and the amazing job you’re … Read More

August ’21 / Differences

This past Sunday when our team was walking into the sanctuary to rehearse, I noticed that everyone had on different styles of shoes. And I had these thoughts come to me yesterday while reflecting on … Read More

Stewarding the Prophetic

A few weeks ago, Apostle Benjamin shared a message highlighting the key prophetic words from the RESET conference.