Teens ministry is dedicated to creating an atmosphere of encouragement, spiritual growth and fun. The group engages in outreach, learning Biblical truths, worshipping together as well as fun activities that foster friendship. Being a teenager is not easy. But being a Christian teenager is harder still! There are so many pressures that teens face everyday. It is our heart in this group to be like a family that has fun together, prays together, cries together and experiences the power of the Holy Spirit together. We believe that teens can change their world. The passion and energy in them has an impact. It’s our heart at Shekinah to direct that passion and energy toward loving God and serving him, from the neighborhood to the nations.

The Shekinah Youth Ministry meets every 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month. Email info@shekinahchurch.org or see Amy and Dave Smith or Deb Combs on a Sunday morning. You can ask for these people at the welcome center when you come into the church building on Sunday mornings.