What does Prophetic Ministry at Shekinah look like?

Ministering personal prophecy to individuals in a spontaneous Holy Spirit filled atmosphere in a Sunday service, regional gathering or ministry time. Prophecy is intended to lift up, build up and cheer up as described in 1 Corinthians 14.

Ministering a corporate prophetic word for the body or region at a service or regional event. This also happens in a spontaneous environment most times and can come in a language that is understood, such as English, or can come in a different tongue, again as described in 1 Corinthians 14. When a prophecy comes through a tongue, we believe according to scripture that an interpretation should come also to bring clarity and corporate edification.

We seek to steward these corporate words that are given to either leaders or the church/region and collaborate with the strategic prayer ministry of Shekinah to see that theses words are brough to fulfillment. In addition to prayer, there are times when we take strategic action to partner with the Lord in the fulfillment of his word. At times, these actions include prophetic acts as described in scripture. (2 Kings 13:18, 2 Kings 2:20, Acts 21:20)

We also believe that the prophetic ministry happens outside the four walls of the church. Shekinah engages in and encourages people to move and operate in the manifestations of the Holy SPirit such as the word of wisdom, word of knowledge and prophecy wherever they are. This can happen in an evangelistic setting, when sitting at a restaurant, ina grocery store, etc.

In addition to all of this, we also train, equip and activate people in subjects pertaining to the gift and office of the prohetic. This happens in conferences, classes regional events and personal one on one mentoring sessions.

If you would like to receive personal prophecy, training in the prophetic or learn more about opportunities to connect to this powerful ministry, please call 734.662.6040 or e-mail: info@shekinahchurch.org.