Healing teams are available to pray for you regarding any need you may have; Physical, Spiritual or life issues you may be walking through.

Thursday nights from 7:00-9:00 PM at the church by appointment only and on Sundays after Service
Please call the office for more information, 734 662-6040, or email info@shekinahchurch.org.


“Although I am a member of the healing teams that pray on Thursday evenings, I seldom request prayer from the team, but one Thursday I was in pain. I was suffering from neuritis/neuralgia which is a nerve misfiring and affecting one’s head. I was going through my days with increasing pain hitting me more and more frequently. It felt like a knife was being plunged into my brain. I mentioned it to the team and after our guests had departed they approached me to pray. I sat down as the team laid hands on me and when they were through praying, about 80% of the pain left me. Each morning afterward it improved until I was aware that it was completely gone! Praise the Lord!” – Dennis Cummings

“I had been to the doctors with severe pain in the joint area of my right arm. My doctor diagnosed it as rotator cuff with tendonitis and gave me a cortisone shot. While I received the shot, I still had major pain. Motrin and Aleve were totally ineffective to relieve the pain even when I increased the dosage as the doctor had recommended. The mobility in my arm at the time was painful and limited. I would be up every few hours using icy-hot, etc. After the prayer team at Shekinah prayed for me on Thursday night, I am now able to sleep at night without pain medications and am not getting up with pain in my shoulder during the night. The mobility is returning to my arm as well. I praise God for His healing power and divine intervention through our prayer warriors at Shekinah! The healing continues and I am standing for total restoration of my right arm joint and tendons as well as total mobility and freedom from pain.” – Donna Nordquist

*If you have a testimony you would like to share with Shekinah from coming to our healing teams, please send your testimonies to info@shekinahchurch.org.