The great commission (Matthew 28:16-20, Mark 16:14-16) puts a demand on every believer to go into all the world and be fully able to minister healing and deliverance, preach the gospel and operate in signs and wonders. As Christians, we know the word and what it calls us to do, but many times don't know the path to get there. The Equipping ministry at Shekinah, known as, "the Armory" seeks to make every believer armed, battle ready and dangerous to the kingdom of darkness. We offer classes in 4 rotations throughout the year on Sunday mornings starting at 9AM and Tuesday evenings at 7PM.

Armory 2018 Rotation 1: Prophetic Pitfalls and Principles Registration -Click Here

The Kingdom Institute: On Earth as it is In Heaven: The Kingdom of God Part 1 Registration Click Here

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