Lifegroups are an opportunity for members of Shekinah and other churches to connect and relate with each other and the Lord on an intimate personal level that simply cannot be achieved during a Sunday morning celebration gathering. Each individual will have the opportunity to voice what they feel the Lord would like to add to the local body at each lifegroup location under the guidance of a lifegroup leader discussing topics that are relevant to the church as a whole.

To connect to a lifegroup in your area, please use the contact us button in the top right of the page sending the details of your current location and desire to be involved in our local lifegroups and we will a leader from your area will be in touch with you!

Click the lifegroups below to meet the leaders and hear a little bit of their heart related to what God is doing in their lifegroup:

E-mail us at to get information on the Ann Arbor LifeGroup or to get connected.

The Ann Arbor LifeGroup is a vibrant group where everyone participates in sharing their heart, building one another up and praying fervently for one another. The presence of God has been tangible every time we have met together!

LifeGroup Leader: Elaine Trasko
Assistants: David & Tana Nyhoff

E-mail us at to get information on the Ypsilanti LifeGroup and to get connected.

The Ypsilanti Life Group is a place of outrageous love, fellowship and fun, where relationships are deepened and spiritual transformation takes place. Our bi-weekly meetings are a safe place that is committed to grace which encourages spiritual and emotional growth.

LifeGroup Leader: Sharon Williams
Assistants: Sharon Moore

E-mail us at to get information on the Detroit LifeGroup and to get connected.

The Detroit Life Group is committed to God and to each other. We care about one another and we often pray for each other. Attending our bi-weekly life group has caused many to thirst for God and discover their true identity in Christ.

LifeGroup Leader: Thelma Gamlin
Assistants: Sharon Weaver

E-mail us at to get information on the Livingston County LifeGroup and to get connected.

Our life group is comprised of people with dedication,
maturity and commitment. we carry a welcoming heart
that makes all feel like they are family. We work together,
pull together, pray and support each other!

LifeGroup Leader: Dennis & Carol Cummings
Assistants: Laverne Kirkendall

E-mail us at to get information on the Romulus LifeGroup and to get connected.

Our heart is to minister to families. there is so much vying for our
attention and affection as families. We want to create a place of fun,
dialogue and spiritual growth that builds up the people of Shekinah.

LifeGroup Leader: Adewunme & Ayo Gbogboade
Assistants: Mike Tenbusch